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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy values the importance of early play opportunities where children can explore and be creative, imaginative and active in their own learning. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive setting, and ensure the best care, support and guidance is provided to everyone who enters our doors.

We offer a balanced and varied range of learning opportunities following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and children's individual interests. Our staff support all children by encouraging further learning development through a ‘Key Person’ system, where we support their natural skills, abilities and personality.

Finally, we aim to provide a high standard of care by understanding the importance of maintaining and improving our facilities where possible and listening to the views of our parents.

Our ‘Aims and Values’


Whilst your child is within our care we aim to;

* Provide a safe, secure and happy environment where all children can develop at their own pace

* Listen to and consider the opinions of all our parents, children, and staff, reflecting and revising our routines and procedures where necessary

* Provide a stimulating and enabling environment that is accessible to all children, and encourages their development through the delivery of appropriate activities and play

* Identify and assess special education needs (SEND), and adapt our provision accordingly

* Provide high quality care which is based on best practice, and complies with the EYFS and government legislation


Here at Steps to School, we have clear values and vision underpinned by robust policies and procedures. These form the basis for our daily routines and are used within our staff training. Our staff are led by a strong management team, who value all contributions and ideas from every member of the team. We actively and consistently support individuals professional development and additional qualifications within the staff team.


We understand that being a parent is challenging, therefore we will always try our upmost to provide a caring, supportive, and flexible service to all families. We pride ourselves on a our ‘partnership with parents’ – understanding that parents and carers are essentially children’s first educators. We regularly consult and provide essential information through ‘Tapestry’ (online learning journal) observations, assessments, continuous provisional planning, newsletters and parent meetings. We also display photos of activities children have been part of, and their own ‘art work’ etc.


Steps to School Day Nursery ultimately strives to provide a ‘home from home’ experience.

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